The Sunset Cruise (half a day)

At the Ritz Village we have a lot of connection with organized tours. A recommendation: The Sunset Cruise. The bus will pick you up for the transfer to the boat at Pirate’s Nest where a large catamaran is waiting for you.

You board and sail over the Spanish water to Barbara Beach where you dock to enjoy kayaking, peddle boards, snorkel or get a diving demonstration.

You board again and sail on to Fuik Bay were a buffet dinner is served and the bar is open!

You can enjoy a beautiful romantic sunset and sail back to Pirates Nest for your transfer back to The Ritz.

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The Island Tour (full day)

Another suggestion: The Island Tour. In a cool bus you drive to all the great locations on the Island.

On the way you stop for lunch. You will visit Fort Beekenburg, the liquor factory, the Hato Caves, Shete Boca, Playa Kanoa, Knip and the Flamingo’s. A great way to see all the main spots on Curação.

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1/2 Road to Banda Abou
2/2 Cliff Jumping - Playa Groot Knip

To Klein (small) Curação (full day)

Klein Curação is a tiny uninhabited Island at 1.5 hour sailing from Curação.

It is a must for every visitor!

Enjoy the pearl white beach, snorkel with the turtles, visit the old lighthouse or the shipwreck at the north shore.

A board there will be a warm lunch and the bar is open!

On the way back the sails are up and the boat will sail over the azure sea while you are lying in the net sipping your cocktail!

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1/2 Relaxing on the catamaran
2/2 Klein Curação