The Village has its own Beauty Clinic , led by Veronique Geerts.

Veronique is a sworn skin therapist with 20 years of experience.

Her specialty is working with different types of lasers unique for Curacao .

Below you will find an overview of the possibilities during your stay.


Extensive skin analysis

ANG 50


Delicious mystery facial care

A wonderfully relaxing facial treatment that adapts to the condition of your skin. Because doing the same treatment over and over is not good. Your skin will get used to it quickly and in the long run will have little effect. That is why it is important to do a skin analysis every time. To see what condition your skin is in.

Different machines are used. How the treatment will go is the surprise ...

Purpose: skin improvement , skin tightening , natural glow , refines pores , lightens pigment and as a finishing tough a collagen booster / hydration booster

Ang 190


Laser Peeling BLACK WAWA PEELING (no downtime)

Deep purifying treatment, makes your tone smooth again, relieves pigmentation and you get your natural glow back. Suitable for all colored skins and has a positive result on acne skins.

* Black Wawa standard

ANG 175.00

* Black Wawa peeling including diamond peeling . aftercare spf 50

ANG 250.00


Aqua Facial (no downtime)

A good purifying facial care. Due to the suction of the water, your skin is cleansed to the finest pores . After the treatment, you can see what was in your skin in the waste container.   


* Aqua Facial standard

ANG 95.00


* Aqua Facial plus 

Facial care, including the removal of blemishes

ANG 175.00


* Aqua Facial Unique

An exclusive facial treatment.

including RF facial rejuvenation, hydration booster for your skin, strengthening of your facial muscles and mesotherapy (your skin gets the necessary nutrition so that the cells can recover. (cell regeneration) 

ANG 295.00


Chemical Peeling Simildite (no downtime and may be used in a tropical climate)  

These peels target skin problems such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, scars. These unique peels also have an anti aging effect with a stunning skin improvement!

It is advisable to follow the prescribed cream and advice

Chemical Peeling Simildite :

* Sama Peel: Oily skin with enlarged pores , comedogenic acne, cystic acne

ANG 125

* The Yellow Peel: indication of hyperpigmentation spots, fine lines, acne scars, matte skins and uneven skins

ANG 125

* Azelan Peel: Oily, Acne, Rosacea skin, folliculitis, coarse pores and oily shiny skin

ANG 125

* Feruline Peel: Photo aging , works on the blood circulation, removes the pale layer from your skin, works antioxidant

ANG 125

* Glycopeel : Has a regenerating effect, depigmentation keratolystich , removes dead skin cells, improves skin condition, improves PH value and reduces wrinkles

ANG 125

* Mandelicpeel : Skin- firming effect, lifting peeling for sagging loose skin (course of 5 treatments is advisable, for a beautiful effect)

ANG 125

** Including an ANG 200 treatment


* Vitamin C peeling (downtime 10 - 14 days ) 

Rejuvenates, relieves pigmentation, production of new collagen and elastin , smoother skin, effective on scars, soft and fresh skin

ANG 160


Diamond peeling (no downtime) 

Gives an immediate soft, smooth and fresh skin. Refines the skin structure, reduces pigmentation spots, evens the skin tone and improves blood circulation

Aftercare: spf 50

ANG 150

* Diamond peeling incl. RF facial rejuvenation and mesotherapy without needles

ANG 325


Facial rejuvenation (no downtime) 

* RF Radio Frequency facial rejuvenation incl. Neck and décolleté

ANG 175

* RF Radio Frequency facial rejuvenation incl. Neck and décolleté + OPT RF (production of elastin and collagen)

Aftercare spf 50

ANG 250

Mesotherapy without needles (no downtime)

highly concentrated active ingredients are introduced into the deeper skin layers. This way I can deeply nourish your skin and tackle skin problems in a targeted manner

ANG 175


Facial rejuvenation OPT-RF (no downtime)  

Rejuvenates your skin, makes collagen and elastin back , relieves pigmentation and is also good for your hands. Perfect to combine with a facial treatment.

* Total face

ANG 100

* Total face including neck

ANG 150

* Total face, neck and décolleté

ANG 240

* Hands

ANG 75

* Total face, neck, décolleté and hands 

ANG 300


Very Exclusive treatment HIFU (no downtime) 

You must have tried this. You don't want anything else after this. Results spectacular ..!

Hifu , is the number 1 in Europe in the field of rejuvenation. It works down to the SMAS layer, so that the skin itself regenerates!

Which is very positive about this treatment. Is that your skin is immediately tight, perfect if you have to go to a party. This effect lasts a few days to a week After 1 month to 6 weeks you will see that the tight effect returns. (more info see 'link HIFU')

Aftercare spf 50, you will receive aftercare instructions after the treatment.

Special opening promotion 50% discount  


* HIFU full face

ANG 800 now for ANG 400

* HIFU full neck and jawline

ANG 400 now for ANG 200

* HIFU cleavage

ANG 500 now for ANG 250

* HIFU full face, neck and décolleté

ANG 1400 now for ANG 700

* HIFU arms

ANG 500 now for ANG 250

* HIFU upper / rear legs 

ANG 600 now for ANG 300

* HIFU belly / love handles / buttocks

ANG 600 now for ANG 300  


Defive hair removal / Laser hair removal IPL

Per treatment

* Eyebrow spacer

ANG 25

* Upper lip / Lower lip

ANG 40

* Half face / Full neck

ANG 110

* Neck completely

ANG 100

* Armpits

ANG 100

* Forearms 

ANG 160

* Bikini up to the slip edge

ANG 100

* String line to the slip edge

ANG 120

* Brazilian full hair removal (bikini edge, Venus mound and buttock seam)

ANG 170

* Thighs below the knee

ANG 250

* Lower legs to above the knee

ANG 250

* Lower and upper legs

ANG 450

* Toes

ANG 30

* Chest man ( incl belly)

ANG 200

* Back man ( incl neck and shoulders)

ANG 225


Defive hair removal / Laser hair removal DIODE LASER

The Rolls Royce of the lasers, safe unique treatments with beautiful results

* Eyebrow connector ANG 50

* Upper lip / Lower lip ANG 75

* Half face / Full neck ANG 150

* Neck completely ANG 150

* Armpits ANG 150

* Forearms ANG 175

* Bikini up to the slip edge ANG 150

* String line up to the slip edge ANG 175

* Brazilian full hair removal (bikini edge, Venus mound and buttock seam) ANG 200

* Thighs below the knee ANG 300

* Lower legs to top of the knee ANG 300

* Lower and upper legs ANG 500

* Toes ANG 40

* Chest man ( incl belly) ANG 300

* Back man ( incl neck and shoulders) ANG 225


Removing a tattoo or permanent make-up (downtime) 

If your tattoo is set too deep, I refer you to a doctor who specializes in removing a tattoo


Removal of failed permanent make-up ( downtime)  

From ANG 40

* Eyebrows 

ANG 80

* Eyeliner (only ends)

ANG 80 - 100

* Lip liner

ANG 100

The price depends on how much needs to be corrected. 




Removing imperfections


Removing rosacea

* Delete a telien / spiny

ANG 30

* Cheeks (full)

ANG 150

* Nose

ANG 75

* Cleavage complete 

ANG 300

** price depends on the condition **


Removal of cherry angiomas

From ANG 30

** price depends on the condition **


Fibroids / Steel warts

* Removal of a fibroma by means of coagulation (will not come back)

From ANG 30

** price depends on the condition **

ANG 30


Remove benign adnexes

From ANG 30

** price depends on the condition **

(if in doubt, you will always be referred to a doctor)


Removal of an age wart

From ANG 30

** price depends on the condition **


Removing a pigmentation spot

Can be applied in different ways, depending on what kind of pigmentation it concerns.

From ANG 30

** Please note that some pigmentation spots can only lit worden.En not disappear completely **



* Basic pedicures Ang 75

* Medical pedicure Ang 100



* Gelpolisch ANG 80



Deep Relaxing Massage

30 min ANG 140

60 min ANG 230

75 min ANG 280


Relaxed facial care

Cleaning, shaping eyebrows, tinting eyebrows, mask and finally a delicious massage

ANG 185


Also ask us for:


Shaping eyebrows

Dye eyebrows

Hairdresser for man and woman

Hair braiding by a local self

Curaçao traditional clothing and hair bands. Made by and local

Jewelry made by a local 

Handbags made by a local

Exclusive swimwear